What is Paperless Payroll, you ask?  It’s simply payroll without paper.   We did not invent the concept of paperless payroll but we do believe we have perfected it.  Utilizing advanced technology solutions to allow us to process,  to pay, and provide you and your employees access in a secure digital paperless environment.

Payroll Processing

By providing secure online data entry worksheets and/or sophisticated time clock systems, we collect the hours your employees work and process the payroll without paper.

Employee Pay

Employees are paid via direct deposit to their checking accounts or pay cards.  Pay cards work the same as a debit card, allowing your employees full access to their funds without the need to open a checking account.

Employee Portals

Give your employees secure access to their pay stubs, earnings history, year end W-2s and W-4 information.   You will no longer have employees coming in off-shift to pick up their checks or check stubs.   They can even use their smartphone with our app “MyPay” to access their portal.

Client Access

With client access we give you the ability to have live access to your employee database; including the ability to print payroll reports you need to run your business.